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With the guidance of the ILC technical team, your product service life could be extended as the addition of these products not only improves strength but can also increase resistance to the environment in which the products will be used.

  • Specialist curing and bond enhancements
  • Property enhancement chemistry
  • Antioxidants providing extended service life
  • Service environment element resistance
  • Activated carbon filtration

Applications and Technical Documents below.

Mixing Enhancement


Designed to work together with our core offerings, ILC chemists have developed a range of surfactants and dispersants that can assist our customers technically to optimise their manufacturing and mixing processes.

This range of speciality additives will enhance homogenisation by negating the challenges encountered when electrophilic and nucleophilic properties are present together with latex and other films in a technically robust product.


  • Dispersants 
  • Surfactants
  • Anionic
  • Cationic for bitumen compounds       
  • Non-Ionic
  • Amphoteric 
  • Ammonium Stearate foam regulator

Flow-profile & Rheology Modifiers


Polymer flow properties are critical in the transportation, decanting and processing of all formulated latices.

Take advantage of the ILC rheology modifying additives and impart the controlled capability of adjusting the flow profile of a latex. Benefit from unlocking invaluable flexibility and simplicity in transporting ILC’s compounds through many delivery methods onward to the machine face and subsequently dispensing for application to the product.

With this in mind ILC has developed, over many decades, a range of sophisticated thixotropic additives, thickening agents and rheology modifiers to assist in the processing of latex formulations. Contact the ILC technical team for a consultation and improve process efficiency and make your life easier.


  • Thickener – Texigel 23-005 ammonia free gel 
  • Thickener – Viscone 3101 ammonia free liquid 
  • Viscosity modifiers enhancing easy processing
  • Rheology modifiers for easy processing
  • Thixotropic solutions
  • Acrylic gels 
  • Cellulose dispersions
  • Acid thickeners
  • Inverse thickeners 
  • Natural Gums 
  • Bentonites



The majority of ILC volume latex products are by their very nature fast moving however some customers prefer to store quantities of the more esoteric compounds and formulations in our range.

To meet this need, ILC has developed a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly yet highly effective anti-microbials and fungicides to easily cope with chemical storage and preserve your inventory for later use.

The technical team at ILC is always available for consultation – on site if required and is fully equipped to assist in dealing with any outbreaks in your stock. We also offer pre-treatments on request to provide you with peace of mind and reducing specialised disposal costs whilst helping to minimise wastage of your valuable product.


  • Range of Anti-Microbials
  • In Can Preservatives
  • Library of Fungicides

Contact us to discuss the possibilities