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Dust Suppressant

Available in tubs or bulk order quantities.

  • Airborne dust suppression on construction sites
  • Hot, dry climates suppressing road/ temporary track dust
  • Open cast mining where dust clouds form
  • Industry & Construction 
  • Quarries
  • Domestic or residential construction sites
Key Benefits
  • Improved occupational respiratory health in your employees and the general public
  • Reduced risk of skin irritation in your employees and the general public
  • Reduce the risk of dust contamination in construction
  • Reduce the risk of dust explosion.
  • Reducing dust plumes in open cast mining outlasting the water dampening method
  • Reduce citations and fines for breaches of legislation set by local authorities.
  • Conserve outdoor stockpiles both reducing airborne dust and retaining the product place
  • Reduce traffic generated dust 
  • Spray

Contact a building and construction specialist for a quote.