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Since 1966, ILC has developed contacts and relationships at all levels of the supply chain, from the global polymer corporations to the biggest movers in the industry.

From fundamental research to the development of innovative materials our chemists and engineers are united under the same roof, collaborating with our clients to create exceptional latex products that push technical and performance boundaries and unlock new revenue streams.

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4G Artificial Turf Latex

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The technical and supply chain knowledge at ILC has led to pioneering innovation from the start of the surge in popularity of 4G pitches.

From high-use professional and municipal pitches to domestic landscaping, ILC has a latex solution for your manufacturing style and specification.

Take your installations to the next level in partnership with ILC.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a 4G Artificial Turf Latex expert. 

Waterproof Membrane & Gas Blocking Technology

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Developed in partnership with the construction sector, ILCotex M400 is the performance product in membrane forming, damp proofing latex.

ILCotex M400 forms a waterproof tanking membrane which is ideal in basements and DPC repairs. Also featuring gas blocking technology – including radon blocking at 0.6mm thickness.

Widely specified, ILCotex M400 is the go-to choice of the construction industry and is available in bulk containers or retail packed containers with your branding.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with an waterproof membrane expert. 

PVC-free Tablecloth Protective Coatings

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Developed by ILC as an environmentally friendly alternative to plasticised PVC coatings for tablecloth fabrics.

With the advantage of being washable and still exceeding industry hydrostatic head standards, this breakthrough coating offers a natural, transparent and drapeable shield against red wine, ketchup and other potential everyday contaminants.

ILC’s PVC-free, water-based coatings are also free from plasticisers including harmful phthalates but still provide a sound protective coating for tablecloths, aprons and bags for life.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with protective coating expert. 

Heat and Sound Insulation - Flooring and Wall

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Many new-build city centre homes, apartments and developments are benefiting from ILC luxury underfloor and acoustic wall insulation.

Specified to reduce local noise pollution and to increase energy efficiency, ILC insulation is a must for added value in construction and lifestyle benefits.

Offering cushioned underfloor comfort to your wooden, laminate, tiled and composite surfaces.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a heat and sound insulation expert.

Sprayable Dust Suppression

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Dust Buster is a sprayable membrane forming liquid used by the construction, mining and quarrying industries. It is the solution for local authority air quality compliance whilst also preserving inventory stockpiles in mining and power stations.

Reducing the risk of dust explosions in industry, Dust Buster can also reduce skin, eye and respiratory irritation in your employees and the general public in residential construction settings.

Use Dust Buster to eliminate environmental non-compliance levies whilst keeping employees, neighbours and their property protected from dust plumes caused by essential daily site activities.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with dust suppression expert.

Farming Seed Protection

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ILC Germination Booster, developed together with the farming sector to protect newly sown seeds from wind and predatory wildlife until seedlings are formed.

Safe and environmentally friendly, Germination Booster forms a temporary membrane to keep seeds in position and unaffected by crosswinds and birds, for example.

Improve the germination rates of your crops by protecting newly sown seeds until seedlings are safely formed, saving money by improving return and performance.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a seed protection expert.

Sodium Polyacrylate Thickener (Gel)

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Texigel thickener gel is an ammonia-free thickening agent easily blended into your natural and synthetic latices.

Safely producing a predictable, shear-dependent viscosity profile to suit your production technique.

Texigel also controls the viscosity of many latex adhesives and sealing formulations, including filled SBR’s for ease of manufacturing and use.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a sodium polyacrylate expert.

Sodium Polyacrylate Thickener (Liquid)

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Viscone 3101 ammonia-free liquid thickener is user-friendly producing easily controllable flow profiles.

Whilst ammonia-free, Viscone 3101 is ideal for use in natural or synthetic latex sealing and adhesive formulations in the textile and non-woven sectors.

Viscone 3101 is a shear dependent, highly efficient thickener for filled SBR compounds producing good flow during material compounding.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a sodium polyacrylate expert.


FR black-out Crushed Acrylic Foams

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Reliable, contract and domestic black-out crushed flame retardant (FR) acrylic foams for window blinds and curtains in hotels, medical settings and student halls of residence to name a few.

ILC delivers a user-friendly solution in foam acrylic production. Developed alongside industry partners, this breakthrough product instils confidence in fault free acrylic foam production every time.

Pinhole free, structured, hard wearing results with dim-out FR and non-FR options available.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with a FR black-out crusted acrylic expert

Ammonium Stearate Foaming Regulator

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ILCosurf AMS is a revolutionary ammonium stearate based dispersion used to regulate foaming levels in many applications including crushed foam acrylics and SBR.

Easily blended, ILCosurf AMS is used in the production of blackout crushed acrylic foam formulations, enhancing foam stability and a fine foam structure to improve blackout performance in curtains and blinds.

ILCosurf AMS is also a foam regulator with precise dosing functionality. Designed to increase or reduce foaming to suit your production method and end application.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with an ammonium stearate foaming regulator  expert.